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Monday, July 22, 2013

Trauma...... just one dance

"Buenos días amiga", on receiving the call one morning, she heard him saying.

It was a sunny morning and she was on way to university when she saw an international number blinking on her screen. Se recognized the code but did not recognize the number. But then she didn't know many people in Spain, so it had to be him. But this early in morning? it must be seven AM in Madrid, she thought.

"What are you upto? I hope I did not disturb you at this early hour." He said gently.

"I am on my way to university. I have an exam in afternoon"

"Oh, best of luck. I am sure you are well prepared for your exam amiga, I called you because I need a small favour, I need to contact Suhail, his cell is off and he is not in office, is there any other way to get to him, this is some urgent work." he sounds slightly anxious.

"Dad is in Islamabad, I wonder why his cell is off, he must be in a meeting, but I know which hotel he is having his meeting in, ill leave a message for him there and he can get back to You."

"That will be good, just tell him its urgent and to contact me on my cell as I am not in my office at the moment."

With that he was gone and she was busy tracing and leaving a message for her Dad in Islamabad.

Though she knew he was not calling for her , just hearing his voice made her day, he always sounded so gentle, his voice had a smoothness that was rarely found, or at least that is how he sounded to Mawra, gentle, caring, refreshing.
 Thinking what important work he may have with her Dad, she almost forgot she was having an exam in next couple of hours, until she reached university and was surrounded by her group mates, and they were busy discussing and revising the expected exam questions.

It was when they were almost half way through their exam , Mawra was shattered by the tormenting and horrific sound of a blast. She was seated by the window and suddenly the window glass exploded into tiny fragments and disseminated in every direction.

She felt sharp piercing pain, penetrating into tiny nerve endings of her skin, specially in her left arm. a few pieces also injured her left sided neck and forehead, miraculously her eyes and rest of the face was saved.

There was havoc everywhere, down on the knees , every student was being asked to take shelter under their benches. Mawra was losing her senses gradually, she was bleeding from where the broken glass pieces were tearing her skin, she was scared of what to come next, she was frightened of death, she was wondering if she will see her family again.

Suddenly, she saw people running in every direction, they could not keep calm, there was a huge bomb blast in the main university campus and there was extreme confusion and frustration among students. Mawra could not find enough energy to move on, her friends Sila and Saba were nowhere to be seen, and she felt as if she was about to faint.

And then she heard Sila coming towards her, she was on phone, probably calling home . But when she saw Mawra injured badly, she almost shouted and took her in her arms.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Hasan bhai, please come to the class room, my friend is badly injured, we need to take her to hospital" she was almost shouting on phone, her home was very close to university and her brother was already on his way to the campus.

When she woke up , she was draped in white sheets with white walls around her, her left arm was wrapped in bandage, her neck and forehead wounds were properly covered, she could not remember how was she transferred here, all she knew Sila was by her side when she was fainting.

Her family also reached hospital by then and they were all thankful to Sila and her brother, who did not let the ambulance service take her to a government hospital, instead bring her on their own to this well known private set up hospital.

"Its alright aunty, I did what I had to, I feel so bad seeing Mawra injured so badly, And I knew uncle is in Islamabad , that's why I asked hasan bhai to come and help us, I did not want you to come to university, it was all so scary." Sila was explaining to Mawra's mom, who hugged her and gave her and her brother many blessings.

Mawra's dad was already on his way back to Karachi on first available flight, she was his only daughter and he was shattered by the news.

Quite late in evening . they were back home, after being discharged from hospital. Her injuries had stopped bleeding after being stitched.

She was comfortably put to her bed and sent her mom and dad both back to their room , as they insisted on staying the night with her. She knew they were exhausted and needed rest, besides she was felling much better than being in a hospital room.

It was her cell phone which vibrated and drew her out of her deep sleep, there was no sound, just vibration, since in the exam hall, her cell was set on silent mode. Still she woke up, as if subconsciously she was waiting for this call.

Instantly she knew who was calling. Probably in her sleep, she was wishing he would call her, she was not sure if he knew what she had been through, but deep down her heart she wanted to hear his comforting voice.

It was Daniel. She didn't know wishes could come true like that.

"How was your exam Senorina? " this was the first question. So he was calling to ask about her exam!

"There culdn't be an exam", when she spoke her voice sounded very weak even to herself, it was enough to alarm him.

"Why, is everything alright, something went wrong?" he was anxious now.

"Yes, there was a bomb blast at the campus and it was so bad. " she started sobbing and told him briefly

"Oh my God, how are you feeling now, does Suhail know about all this? why did not you guys call me?" He sounded agitated.

"Dad came back in evening and he brought us home from hospital, he is sleeping now. I am much better please do not worry"

"Do not worry? Are you mad? You guys are living in jungle, ill speak to Suhail in morning, he should move his family to Madrid, You people are not secure there at all."

She could not say much, she was already very drowsy, all she could hear and understand was , Daniel Malik was worried about her, and that was the best thought she could sleep on.

So she slept, with her cell phone by her ear.

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