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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ibiza islands.... Just one dance

Something happened in Ibiza that has stirred me.

The moment we landed in Ibiza town, to the moment we were back , I found myself entrapped,  by the charms of the lady named Helen Martinez.

May be she was right, a recent visit to Pakistan brought a change to my thought process and now I was looking up to settling down.

Still the islands made a difference, everything from the harbour to the beaches, from the road side cafes and shops to the pottery display, from the historic Fort to the discos that we went to, from the beers to the tapas we ate, from the Byzantine to Muslim cultural heritage of the town, was making an impact and bringing my life to a change.
And when you are 39 years of age and on the verge of proposing a lady for marriage, romance is not the only option that you are considering.

Nonetheless, Helen did not give me much chance to think over.

She was one of the most exquisitely styled women I have been with.

We were on a boat ride from the San Antonio island to cala bassa beach , she was wearing a white flowing skirt with red floral imprints, a red sleeveless blouse, a straw hat and sunglasses to go with. With here hair flowing in the opposite direction to the flow of air, she was representing a lady of my dreams, and that's where I decided to finally ask her views about being hooked.

"Depends who is asking me into it Dan" , she replied casually.

"What would be your choice Helen?"

"Finance", just one word answer.

"You mean the guy has to be rich? "

"Surely you can not imagine me getting married to a poor guy. I want to live this life to the fullest Daniel, I want to travel across the globe, want to buy all the beautiful expensive things, I want a big house of my own, and this all is certainly not possible without money."

"And what about feelings Helen? What about love? " I had to ask her, that was the only way to find out.

"Love and feelings do develop with time. You know and I know its all about physical attraction, as long as you may attract your partner and satisfy him, there is no harm to the relationship" she smiled with a wink.

That was the only time I could not return her smile, since my idea of a relationship was slightly more serious.

Agreeing with her was not mandatory. knowing her views was. Marriage to me was the biggest decision of life, I could not take any chances. Though we belonged to Europe, still in Spain family ties meant a lot. And when I was about to make a commitment,  had to make sure that it lasts forever.

I did not have a ring in Ibiza to propose her to marriage. But her charms did not leave me with much choice. We spent a great weekend there, and on our return to Madrid I asked her to move into my place, we still had to know some more about each other, before the final decision.

Everything was highly romantic until I was woken up by a phone call.

I thought Helen was being crazy calling me this early hour, may be she could not sleep all night.

"Mawra Suhail" , she said and I instantly sat up in my bed.

Why was she calling me at this hour?

The reality was much more than  Helen Martinez.

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