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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tender-ness ...... Just one Dance.

You can run away from all other things but the tenderness inside your heart, pondered Mawra.

The geranium flowers lost fragrance.The summer breeze suffocate her
The crescent moon made her weep.

For days she could not continue her dance sessions and at times she skipped her prayers. She could not fathom the piercing pain that was throbbing in her veins so deeply.

Even though she was not sure in the beginning, with the passage of time she grew accustomed to the fact that she was the victim of a single sided crush. A crush that felt like love. Or may be she did not know what love truly meant. It was a mere fascination probably, just that she was hit harder.

The day she heard Helen's voice in his bedroom, she was hit harder.

She did not know how to respond, what to believe and what not. She was pushed out of her dreamworld and that was like a downfall. The dead end.

She threw away her cell phone, stop texting and calling him. She knew she was trying to run a mile, but then what other option she had.

Going out with friends, spending her day at club, doing endless shopping for the upcoming cousins wedding , she did not have time to even spend with herself.

All day she laughed and teased. But it was the loneliness in her bedroom in the dark hours that scared her, made her helpless.

It was the sad radio music bringing out the tenderness hidden beneath the fog of false laughter.

And it was when she used to be online, it was his name she was googling around, seeing his images that he would never come to know, she could access from across the continents.

That's when, after a long month of fighting with herself, she gave in.

She surrendered to the power of love. She bowed her head and admitted, it was not a crush or fascination, it was much superior to them both. Love as they may call it, was unfathomable, unexplained, unhindered suffering. Something deeper, much more deeper.

She tried to run away ..... from him.... but failed.

For You can run away from all other things but the tenderness inside your heart.

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