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No its not writer's block Its something else Just wondering why am I not writing much these days!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Parveen ..... For Your Fragrance.

You can not be perfect in every sense of the word, but You could be among such few people who are blessed in many ways.

For beauty and brains, for talents and guts, for intelligence and  manners are rarely combined in a person, and if they do, those are specialized people. There were many who were succumbed to the charms of Parveen Shakir, for she was beautiful and daring, for she was all a woman could dream of being, yet there was just one, she was madly in love with and for whom she wrote her fragrant poetry.

She left too early, but her fragrance shall always be missed.

وہ صورت آشنا میرا 

میں اس کے سامنے 
چپ رہ کے بھی یوں بات  کرتی ہوں 
کہ آنکھوں کا کوئی حرف بدن نہ آشنا 
آلودہ پیکر  نہیں ہوتا 
ہوا کی لہر پر جب گفتگو ہو 
خواہ موسم پر میرا اظہار ہو 
یا ٹیلی ویژن پر 
وہ مرے لمحہ موجود کا دکھ جان لیتا ہے 
مجھے پہچان لیتا ہے 
میری ہر بات کا چہرہ نہ دیکھنے پر بھی 
وہ صوررت آشنا میرا 
مرے لہجوں کے پس  منظر سمجھتا ہے !

Saturday, November 23, 2013


At times in the arms of a favorite dream we tend to sleep like a baby and don't want to wake up.
These are the rare times when sleep becomes very dear to an insomniac.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The tangible becomes intangible
The visible goes in visible
as the fog of your memory
slowly, deliberately,intensely
Envelopes around me.


When every hour is a rushing hour
When every minute demands attention
When the body gets ache and
When the soul is being neglected
In this quickly evaporating time
If You find a few moments to spend
With Yourself
Believe You me
You are blessed.

The forty Rules

"The way to a man's heart can sometimes take a woman far away from herself my dear." Desert Rose said ominously.

"I don't care." I said. "I am ready to go as far as it takes."

The forty rules of love

Elif Shafak

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Of Superficial and Deep.

There are superficial and deep categories.
of behaviors, gestures, smiles and words.

Superficial was not for me.
Deeper asked me to explore.

For once I think Superficial is better.
You know You run off.
As fast as that.

For once I feel Deep is risky.
It attracts, drag you inside along its depth,
and never let you go.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nothing ordinary

No it wasn't ordinary,
having found You and then,
having You gone.
It was rather,
an experience of a lifetime.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Transition........ Just one dance.

It was not merely a travel. It was a transition.

At the Barajas Madrid airport, her landing was much more than an entry into Spain. It was her most earnest wish.
But many things were unfathomable. Like her irregular breathing, increased pulse and shivering limbs.

Anticipation was killing her.

The prospect of seeing him once again was too much to bear.

While collecting luggage and helping Bibi jaan carrying her own things, she was slightly disoriented. She could not wait any longer to rush out of the exit door, yet a part of her was stopping her from moving forwards. "You are in danger zone," an inner voice warned her.

And then she realized how true that was. Yes she was in danger zone. He was too handsome.

She realized as his huge frame materialized in front of her. As soon as she was out of the artificially cold atmosphere of the airport building into the open sunshine, two facts hit her hard. The scorching summer heat of Madrid and the handsome Spaniard standing in front of her, were both real.

He was hugging her dad and was meeting humbly with Bibi jaan and her mom. Imad and herself were in the queue.

And then she heard him saying loudly to her " bienvenido a Espana mi amiga."

"Gracias Senor" She was all smiles too.

"Good to have you guys around." he was genuinely happy.

"Its too hot here" Mawra could not resist commenting.

His laughter was instantaneous. "Suhail your kid thought Karachi is the only city where you have summers."

Her dad laughed and put an arm around her shoulder.

"I have been to many other cities too. And I am not a kid remember?" The face she made was enough to make everyone laugh.

"Sorry madam. But you still have to endure the heat of Madrid. We do have intense summers in Spain. Use Sun Creams. "

He said as he went to bring his car from the parking lot. And it was a huge white car, enough to carry their luggage and all of them comfortably. The Air conditioner inside the car was a relief to her senses.

"I thought you may not come to pick us up personally Daniyal. Isn't it your working hour?" Amna Suhail started the converstaion. He looked back into the mirror and smiled.

"We call it jet lag bhabhi. I planned your trip so I could come to pick you guys up. Its saturday today." he laughed and everybody else did too.

And Mawra could not believe she was with him. In his car . in his land and very soon in his home.

It was the beginning of a transition.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Something else.

When you write and could not finish.

When your characters stop speaking to you.

When your story comes to a sudden halt.

When words are slipping away from your fingers.

When keyboard keys are being missed frequently.

When you want to express and feel helpless.

When you know what is going on and do not accept.

No it is not simply a writer's block.

It's something else.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Running Away

Running away seems so much easier.
Is it that easy in real sense?

I thought I knew the answer.

Deep engrossing in routines may make you feel tired to the bone but is there a way to put full-stop to the ongoing thought processing?

Changing clouds and atmosphere for a while, meeting beautiful people, hearing lovely talks, indulging in new passions, simply in the process of dragging yourself away. Doesn't help much really.

The tug at the heart, at the end of the day, keeps you restless.

Running away used to seem so much easier.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

changing season

Unexplained sadness
This first winter night
Is so slowly
Enveloping me.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of Desires and Destiny

Destiny is not without desires. They are hooked together.

The desire of sowing a seed and the destiny to see it growing into a tree.

The desire of playing with words and the destiny of an emerging best-seller.

The desire of meeting a person and the destiny of falling in love with him.

Desire is the spark of a flame. 

Destiny is being burnt.


A borrowed Poem. Poet unknown.

Muhabbat mein kabhi dorahey ka imkan nahi hota

Ye hoti hai to hoti hai

Nahi hoti to jitna bhi jatan ker lo,nahi hoti

Koi acha agar lag jaye to sab khami’yan is ki

Achanak khobi’yon ki ourhni mein chup si jati hein

Zamana lakh samjhaye, sambhal jao

Samat aur basarat ko sujhai kuch nahi deta

Samajh ata hai us lamhey

Key jab daman mein lakh’on chyed ho ja’ein

Kabotar key par’on key sath liptey

Sab ayaa’n jab bheyd ho jain

Muhabbat mein kabhi dorahey ka imkan nahi hota

Ye hoti hai to hoti hai

Nahi hoti to jitna bhi jatan ker lo,nahi hoti

Short story.

I wrote a few words and sent for publication.
It was instantaneous.
There couldn't have been a better time, with tenderness in your heart, silent lips and wet eyes, the most natural story may come into existence.
It did.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Violin Player

Under the canopy of illuminating chandeliers
surrounded by good looking, perfumed people
When I had  just a few moments
to spend in my company
I heard someone playing an old music
on the saddening tunes of violin
oh in that very special moment
I lived my whole life
once again.

Friday, November 1, 2013