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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Transition........ Just one dance.

It was not merely a travel. It was a transition.

At the Barajas Madrid airport, her landing was much more than an entry into Spain. It was her most earnest wish.
But many things were unfathomable. Like her irregular breathing, increased pulse and shivering limbs.

Anticipation was killing her.

The prospect of seeing him once again was too much to bear.

While collecting luggage and helping Bibi jaan carrying her own things, she was slightly disoriented. She could not wait any longer to rush out of the exit door, yet a part of her was stopping her from moving forwards. "You are in danger zone," an inner voice warned her.

And then she realized how true that was. Yes she was in danger zone. He was too handsome.

She realized as his huge frame materialized in front of her. As soon as she was out of the artificially cold atmosphere of the airport building into the open sunshine, two facts hit her hard. The scorching summer heat of Madrid and the handsome Spaniard standing in front of her, were both real.

He was hugging her dad and was meeting humbly with Bibi jaan and her mom. Imad and herself were in the queue.

And then she heard him saying loudly to her " bienvenido a Espana mi amiga."

"Gracias Senor" She was all smiles too.

"Good to have you guys around." he was genuinely happy.

"Its too hot here" Mawra could not resist commenting.

His laughter was instantaneous. "Suhail your kid thought Karachi is the only city where you have summers."

Her dad laughed and put an arm around her shoulder.

"I have been to many other cities too. And I am not a kid remember?" The face she made was enough to make everyone laugh.

"Sorry madam. But you still have to endure the heat of Madrid. We do have intense summers in Spain. Use Sun Creams. "

He said as he went to bring his car from the parking lot. And it was a huge white car, enough to carry their luggage and all of them comfortably. The Air conditioner inside the car was a relief to her senses.

"I thought you may not come to pick us up personally Daniyal. Isn't it your working hour?" Amna Suhail started the converstaion. He looked back into the mirror and smiled.

"We call it jet lag bhabhi. I planned your trip so I could come to pick you guys up. Its saturday today." he laughed and everybody else did too.

And Mawra could not believe she was with him. In his car . in his land and very soon in his home.

It was the beginning of a transition.

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