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Monday, April 7, 2014


Walking along the cold red-marbled corridors of this familiar hospital, crossing ICU and emergency department, seeing patients and their attendants, thinking this atmosphere so easily could make a working staff go immune and accustomed to dealing with life threatening emergencies and trauma. Everything could become so mechanical leaving behind emotional attachments.

I wonder why. after so many years in this service, I feel myself out of the league of insensitive professionals.
A tenderness still persists, a sensitive heart still survives that does not get accustomed, that does not become heartless.


  1. May be literature has something to do with that !

  2. hmm....then you are a big asset because nowadays so called Masiah (doctors) have accomplished their attitude to such perfection as to stand by butchers.
    I am totally lost to understand but believed that Pakistanis Medicine nowadays is less of giving life and more of experimenting new medicines and surgeries.
    May Allah give us all healthy life. Ameen.