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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tried & tested.....Just one dance.

Conflicts arise within ourselves. And then expand.

Expand to envelope the thought process and ends nowhere but in confusion. Eventually she found out that she was all but confused and the reason was a conflict arising within herself.

She was the one who was dying to reach Madrid and now all she wanted was to rush back home, to Karachi.

The view out of the window was serene but sadly there was only this window to the outside world, no terrace. She was missing the swing on her own terrace where she used to spend lonely nights listening to music or reading books or laying still.

The wind was soft as she moved out of the main gate of this cottage-like small house to the tiniest of the lawns spread in front. There was this picket fence bounding the house from all side. She did not dare cross the limits. Daniel would be mad at her if she did that at this maddening hour of the night. But then the nights were supposed to bring madness, no?

"Aren't You an insomniac senorita?"

She heard a voice at her back, but didn't dare turning around. It took some courage to look into his eyes.

"Probably" She replied softly. As soft as the wind of the night.

"May I know the reason?", His voice was like a tender touch too.

"I don't know myself yet"

"Will you let me know once you find out?" , gently he inquired

"I shall. But will you be there to hear it? " (She wanted to ask if he would dare to hear it? )

He was standing next to her now. "Why yes. Always". He said, looking intently towards her. There was a certainty in his voice that trembled her.

"Why would You want to know?" she insisted. Why was she speaking like that to him tonight, she didn't know herself. May be in her deepest wish to dig out something deeper from him. And this time she looked straight into his eyes. He was clad in his blue striped pajamas, with a subtle stubble on his chin, it was the very first time she was watching him in such a casual form. Something began to melt inside her.

"Because I care. Because you are my best buddy." Gently he smiled.

"Why would You say I am your best friend. Don't You have other friends around?"

"I have many friends amiga, more than you could imagine. But I like sharing things with you. Things that I can not share with others easily. Probably I share a comfort level with you that I don't share with others." his smile was very genuine.

"Why me then?". She could not find out if she was complaining.

"I wish I could know. We haven't been together much. But there had been an unknown link Mawra. Sometimes it doesn't take long or much to develop trust. Sometimes nature decides matters for us. I do not know why but I have shared with you certain things that I didn't even share with Helen. May be because you can understand them easily. may be because I tested and tried you unintentionally and you came out to be a perfect companion." His words touched her ears like the echoes of a soft blowing wind.

His words shower her soul like invisible raindrops.

She bowed her head silently. She did not want speak up. Probably she heard what she waited so long to hear.

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