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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy Night

Into the silence of a well lit full moon night, where the sky was clouded with a flicker of lightening now and then . She could not read today's forecast yet there was preparation for a downpour as the soil was fragrant even before the raindrops touched it.

On the small flight of stairs leading to lawn, she sat quietly and looked up to the moon. Recently she began disliking the transformation of a crescent into the full circle. If everything meant to be incomplete then why not the moon? She was jealous or just pretending? Since ages moon  had been her best friend, but not anymore. She was in fact mourning her own deficient soul.

The first raindrop touched her face and she instantly closed her eyes. Suddenly her secluded self was surrounded, by the noise and presence of the downpour. She was being soaked. The rain drops trickled down from the roots of her hair to the tips, down her nightgown to the toes. She did not move for a long time. There was an ambiance naturally provided for her alone. She did not want to break the trans.

Slowly, very slowly, bare feet she moved into the lawn. Near the mango tree there it was , her favorite motia plant, spreading fragrance all around. She plucked a few buds and flowers. After ages she was doing this, how she desired to do this. She placed a few flowers in her hair just behind the right ear. She knew she was risking something tonight. Re-living memories? Ouch.... something hurt, no it wasn't a thorn. She closed her eyes and let the rain flow through her entire being.

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