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Monday, May 19, 2014

unfair and unjust

Let him die. The father said. Wrenching away the mothers heart.
This four year old son acquired the deadly hepatitis C virus from mother during his fetal life.
But then how could a father say such a thing about his own progeny?
Seeing and pondering the situation the family is going through makes me realize when a father can not earn bread and butter for his family there aren't much options he is left with.
On the other hand there are parents in the same country who could spend thousand of bucks for one day outing of their children. Eating lavish food at the expensive restaurant can cost as much amount as could be enough to provide one family with their monthly grocery needs.
No we all can't be Edhi sahb but at least each one of us can make an attempt to sponsor one such kid, one such mother, one such family
My heart is saddened today to know the misery of this family . I wish this world was more of a just and fair place. 

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