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Monday, August 25, 2014


Sometimes you tend to go on with your routine life and then suddenly a blow changes so many things.
It may be a routine for a doctor to deal with patients , listening to their misery, extending hand to help them and sympethize. But its only when your loved one reaches hospital bed then you know how it drains all energy from your nerve endings making you as vulnerable as a child.


  1. Hope and pray everything is ok and everyone in your family is in a good state of health. May Allah bless you and your family always Aameen

  2. Aameen and Thank you samina ji. My mother isn't well and thus I am stressed out. Please pray for her health if possible.

  3. May Allah bless her long life with good health aameen. Stress to hota Nazish but hum dawa aur Dua kar skate hai aur Dua me bahaut taqat hai. Allah tamam mushkilat se guzarne ki himat ata' kare aur aasaniya ata farmaye.Aameen