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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Realities..... Just one dance

" how could you judge someone's feelings? How could you ever know whats in their heart? " sila asked

If Sila thought these questions never occured to Mawra, she was wrong. She had been pondering the same.

It was one thimg spending time with somebody being friends and sharing everyday routine. It was another being in love and feeling the tenderness for them.

This was the dilemma of one sided affairs, crushes or un expressed feelings.
It was the ache that everyone in love had to go through. She was not alone.

' I know one thing sila, if I ever see him again and look into his eyes, i will have the answer to all my queries. Eyes are the windows to the soul and I would never miss this chance again"

"What if you dont see what you expect to see in his eyes?" Sila was being so practical, it hurt.

She closed her eyes with a painful expression on her face.

"I will surrender to the truth then. I know he had had many women in his life and i do not  even come close to their charms. Ill accept the defeat, will bid him goodbye forever and then will never expect him to love me back."

" will you get married to shaheer then?"

" ill get married then because thats what my parents want. Shaheer or anyone else , do not make any difference" her lips trembled and her eye lashes were wet at the thought of not being loved.

But realities were hard to admit and hard to confess.

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