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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beyond time and space

Growing out of the boundaries of time and space is not an ordinary phenomenon. You lose track of the ticking clock, the changing dates and the slipping moments. You are in a delusive state where things are happening yet you stay still in your mental state.

A trance, deep musing or hypnosis. We are somewhere out of the real world while being a part of it.

The surprising point is not being in a state of hypnosis. The surprising fact is that even while being in a different mental state altogether, there are certain things you do not forget. Certain things and certain people. Certain thoughts and certain feelings.

I went through such a phase in past few days, while I was being ill, running fever, mentally out of the real world and devoid of orientation of time and space. Even then some things remain as such.

I kept on writing my blog, which is somehow has become an essential component of my life. And now when I look back, open the blog, read what I wrote, I feel I wrote with same intensity, same feelings, same issues.

Somethings remain with us even beyond the boundaries of time and space.


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