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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Of desires and feelings

Desire is mystery.

It builds up and sparks the flame. But as much as it takes to burn, it tends to put off at a faster speed.

Desire could be blind or it may make you see things that do not even exist.

It is short lived, too short lived. And when it turns off it may left you being a stranger.

The reawakening of desire is also not strange. but the fate of it is to die soon. One way or other.

Then what it is that do not die? Feelings may be?

Feelings may take different forms, from palpitations to calmness, from sparkling eyes to tearful ones, from headaches to smiles, from insomnia to somnolence, from nearness to separation, from desire to abstinence, they remain. They transform but persist.

Desire may be mysterious but without feelings they are nothing but emptiness.

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