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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rainy afternoon........ Just one dance

They were in classroom waiting for the last lecture to begin when suddenly Mawra picked up her bag and moved to leave. Sila looked at her with a quizzical brow.
'Im going. No intention to attend thd lecture' said Mawra
'But why?' Asked sila
'You know my moods' shrugging her shoulders she moved out of the lecture hall

All she wanted was to be alone. To spend sometime with herself. The walk from her department to the main university gate was already half an hour long. Usually her driver used to pick her up right outside her department. But she had other plans in mind today.

There was this another road leading to the alternative gate of university,mainly used by the faculty members and residents living inside university campus. It was solitary, green and much longer. She took the road to walk alone. The driver was already been instructed to collect her from the alternative gate.

It was a silent autumn afternoon. As silent as she was. Inside out. She was walking on a road surrounded by thick woods from both sides, creating shade and shadow both. Good for her as she already wanted to hide behind a veil.
Bow headed deep in thoughts,clad in black kuta embroidered with a single white motif on shoulder with a pair of black jeans. Her head covered with a printed black and white stole.

It was a month now since she was back from Spain. The trip that had given her smiles and tearsm, nearness and abstinence, pleasure and pain. It was those moments she was trying to re-live now,neing alone. As you need to remember if you want to forget. So in attempt to forget she was remembering.

From the day she landed into Madrid to the day she saw Helen. Their trip to Ibiza islands and her first travel through a ferry. The museums and shoppings,the food and dance. The Flamenco dance festival and the swimming sessions but the most important of all were those few special moments with him alone.

And now she was back with almost no contact with him. It was a deliberate effort on her part as she did not want to disturb him while he was doing preparations for his wedding.

A tight bolus of tear obstructed her throat. She hardly managed a deep breath and looked above at the sky. Dark clouds were covering the sunrays to the maximum. The visual acuity was getting low. There was a forecast of thunderstorm today. She recalled. She heard a thunderous sound of an angry cloud and with the gap of few moments there was a bolt of lightening. Fear of being alone in jungle enveloped her. She quickened her steps.

The first raindrop hit her head and she knew thge very moment it would not be comforting. It was a thunderstorm by every mean. The alternative university gate was still very far and there was no human around. Occasionaly a car or
Two passed her by but she remained un noticed.

In the next few minutes she was drenched with rain water. Suddenly she heard her cell phone ringing But she could not risk taking it out of thed bag. It was safe inside. There was no shade or sherlter to stop and call her driver. But then the driver wasnot allowed to bring the car in frtom the alternative gate as he didnot have the gate pass. She had made a huge mistake and now she was in a fix.

She felt like weeping. And one by one remembered everyone. Mom dad imad bibi jaan and daniel. How would he react at her stupidity? Only remembering him made her tears flow more. 'O Allah please help me.' She was praying and was almost running now. But there wad no escape from this thunderstorm that had hit her hard. She walked and ran constantly for the next ten minutes. But she was shivering withcold and her peripheries were cyanosed. She needed rescue.

Suddenly a cars headlight began to follow her. And then she could hear the cars horn asking for her attention. She was scared to even lookback. Kidnapper? The only thought that  came to her mind.

Then she heard the car stop just behind her. Mawra began running. She heard the car door open and felt someone coming out. Her heart stopped of terror. She was about to faint.

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