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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The doomed city (2)

"Serena, come join us for tea", she was busy writing notes in a file when she heard Ali calling her name.

"Thanks Ali but not now" she refused politely

"Not now then when? its evening already" he raised and sat on the working station near her

"You know I can not leave the station, there is no other doctor around, And Dr. Hammad can come anytime".

This was city's most advanced and busy tertiary care hospital. Dr. Serena Hassan and Dr. Ali Mohib were part of the pediatrics emergency team.

"Waqar brought fresh chicken patties from the cafe, will you really miss it all? Just because of Dr. hammad? dont be a coward!" he was now teasing her

"Its not just him, its the patients too, I am on call, they are my responsibility" she replied soberly

"Oh come on I checked them all only sometime ago, they are stable. Serena come, it will just take a few minutes" he was insisting, :"You can safely come back before dr, Hammad's here"

 But he could not see what Serena was seeing behind his back. Dr, Hammad was already around and even overheard Ali's taking his name so loudly.

"I think Ali was waiting for me eagerly, is there something I am missing huh?" on hearing dr. hammad's voice Ali jumped down the station and was on his feet in few seconds. Serena could not stop smiling, so she turned away her face for a brief moment. Ali was caught red handed.

"Actually I was telling Serena how good it would be if dr. hammad can join us for evening tea"

"Hmm.did you give over to Serena yet?" He was looking around at the patients now.

"Yes sir, most of them are stable, We made five admissions, three of them have already been sent to the ward"

Then he turned to Serena," did you have lunch?"

"I do not usually have lunch sir, specially not when I am on call" she replied politely

"Then you must take evening tea. Go and have some snacks too while Ali will go on the round with me" He moved towards bed no 1 then and Serena could not stop laughing looking at Ali's facial expressions.

Just at the moment dr. hammad turned around " Serena, bring along zara and waqar to the station after tea break, if they are on call, they should be around here taking care of patients."

"Yes sir" she moved quickly to the duty room where the gang was gathered.


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