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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The doomed city (3)

banno rey banno meri
chali susral ko 
ankhiyon main pani de gaee
du'a main meethi gurkhani ley gaee

wedding songs were being played in the background, girls and boys wearing colorful traditional clothes, some of them are dancing on the tunes, others are clapping, whistling and commenting.

At some distance from the dance floor was the sofa which was traditionally covered with canopy of deep yellow marigold flowers. There was fragrance, colors, happiness and beauty all around. The couple to tie the nuptial knot was seated on this specially decorated sofa.

 And what a beautiful couple they made. He, so tall and handsome with a smiling face and intelligent eyes behind the rimless spectacles. He was wearing a white shalwar suit with a deep green stole around his neck

She comparable to any princess both in beauty and charms, with her long hair covering most of her back and shining skin radiating the utter happiness she was experiencing in the happiest moments of her life. She was clad in a traditional yellow and pale orange hyderbadi dress and was adorned with the yellow floral ornaments.

There was not a single moment they were taking their eyes off from each other. True love birds as they were already famous among family and friends. Just one more day and they were going to be together , never to be apart.

Hisham could not even wait for that one day and as he told the same to her, she blushed scarlet red. As if it was easy for her to wait. But then this was the charm of a traditional wedding and she wanted to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest.

Guriya ri guriya tera gudda perdesiya
jori aasmani ho gaee
shagun pe dekho shadmani ho gaee

And then the sound of the songs and music and laughter began to transform.

There was a disturbing noise all around and then she heard someone taking her name


She felt her heart beating faster. there was perspiration all over her body, she was taking his name.

"Hisham"  he was just here a while ago he was holding her hands, where was he now?

she was calling him and was weeping simultaneously

Someone was shaking her shoulder.  

Just then her closed eyes opened up and she found herself to be in her bed. Buwa was wiping off sweat from her face with a tissue paper.

Yes it was a dream and it was over now. 

But it wasn't over for her yet. 

The tragedy, the pain, the agony was not over yet!

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