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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


From roaring crowds to a selected few, from randomization to optimization, from everywhere to specific there, from seemingly nice to exceedingly rare, I have transformed.

The age , as it is passing on, moving forward, has let me set standardization , for who I meet and whom I like to be with. From collections to selections, I have stepped down to selections and trying to know ways to preserve them.

I have changed, I have grown stubborn, I do not look for people, for goodness, for beauty. For years I have been looking for them.

Now they come running down towards me and I enjoy waiting for them, just waiting, no chasing.

for I have learned, though the hard way, what is destined to be mine, will be mine, eventually.

I did not know, this patience would grow inside me, but it has.

Life is full of surprises!!

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