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Monday, February 8, 2016


Besides so many things at KLF2016,  I heard MHT saying that as a man grows older her becomes more mature more cunning more selective.
As for love,  the initial feelings of love, as a first time experience of being naive and pure and selfless diminishes with time. Andcthen later on,  on multiple occasions whenever you encounter such feelings which could be termed as 'love',  they are not as pure and selfless.
As one grows cunning and specializes in lying,  although things may appear as if they involve true emotions he they do not. And we keep on deceiving ourselves and the one involved on the othe other end on the receiving side.

It is such a hard fact and needs a lot of courage to admit. At least he had the courage and most others did not.

I wonder how life has this unique art of teaching after we stumbled already. 

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