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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This morning wish

Sometimes its so important to keep promises. Promises that are made without words. Promises that are made to your own self. 
Rushing on the fast track of life, we are so engrossed in daily routines and taking care of those who are with us that we forget ourselves. There is a soul which demands care. There is a body which needs rest. So we end up exhausting our energies and eventually the body gives up the struggle to drag on, resulting in physical illness and mental depression.

It was one of the toughest phase of my life that I went through. Since November 2015-March 2016. Just two days ago a last episode of fever has subsided and hopefully the last wave of depression passed my by. This course of mental lows and physical trauma has left me more fragile than I ever was. the reasons behind the scenario were multiple, each of a different magnitude and honestly i do not want to look back. 

All I wish is that those illnesses do not pop up again and do leave me in peace for a long time to come. All I want is my cheery , healthy, energetic self back so that I remain who I always have been. A helpful, generous and kind soul and a cheerful, charming human.

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