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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

words are truth

Words are the ultimate truth.

While composing the final draft of my book I found this poem and realized, what I wrote was so true, even though I didn't know it would turn up into a harsh reality.

Yes I ceased to express, all my pain, words and even whispers, for there is a time to reconnect, to show feelings, to endure a bond, once that time is passed, you are still like a sculpture, like the Buddha that  remained silent for years in his gyan. 

Ask me

Ask me, if you wanna know
The reason of my stitched lips
Some words are not for the world
Some whispers are only for the one
Some secrets are read in the eyes
Some pains are reflected in the soul
Ask me, before I cease to express

The pain, the words, the whispers.

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