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Monday, October 31, 2016


For those who thought they are unforgettable
It isn't their fault after all
It was an absurd gesture from us that made them feel oh so special. The God of love who is to be falsely worshipped while He loves no one but Himself.
And then it may come as a surprise when someone tells them, it's finally over.
Those pangs of longings and emotional feelings are finally buried under the heavy sand of routine life.
Not that it was easy, but it has happened.
Finally you are forgotten.


  1. Often, it may not just be that routine life takes over, but that they may not have truly deserved all that they were guilelessly offered. Glad that you are delivered from your pain. May God bless you. Take care.

  2. We can not judge people. Everybody is circulating through his/her own orbit. There should be no blame game.
    I am not sure if this phase of my life is going to stay for how long. Sometimes we do not get over things. We simply enclose ourselves in a shell and close eyes.
    Thats what I am doing :)
    Thanks for the wishes and your time.
    Wish you the best too.

  3. That's true. Like when they say time heals, but it's actually because of our own constant exhausting efforts towards finding some peace, rationalizing and 'normalizing' our life, whatever direction it may take in the course of time. I don't mean to blame the other person either; what I meant was: maybe what we make someone to be is not who they really are. Maybe just as people say 'this was meant to happen', there are some things which were not meant to be too.
    And it feels good to finally be able to accept something we have been struggling against and reaching that level of positivity, though there may not be a way to bury it. If we will it to be that way, I'm sure we can. :)
    Good luck to you too and thank you! :)