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Sunday, May 21, 2017

A stone which sheds tears

Some relationships exist on rules and regulations
Similar to paper work and documents in government offices
They enforce the participants (usually the one who is on the obeying side) to obey, follow, and do as directed.
In return they sometime grant them a smile or a gentle tone. Which is something not coming easily.
Feelings, care, love are unheard of.
Sometimes it's more like a servant master relationship.
Till the day you fulfill all demands, finish your required work on time, everything is smooth
And the day something remains undone, you will be cursed.
Sometimes these kind of relationships are akin to slavery.
Where feelings don't exist relations die a silent death.
And it happens so often that the pain of the loss really emerges and one needs to cry
Cry not out of suffering but suffocation
Crying not for the death of a relationship but at the waste of feelings and emotions
Some people are made of stone
They are so rock like that they may crush their partners feelings
And turn them to stone too
But only rarely
This stone may shed tears.

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