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Thursday, September 26, 2013


I wish to seek a hideout in a cave.
A deep dark cave, where no one could reach me.
Where I can cry my heart out, where I don't have to hide my tears.
Where there is just me and my Creator, where I can have a connection with Him, the way my Prophet did.

Where I do not have to hear the news I am hearing each day.
Where my children are not kidnapped for lust and ransom and then killed and thrown down on solitary beaches in school uniforms.
Where there is no heartless human known.
Where I don't have to sign a high grade tumor report to innocent people who do not know how their life is growing into a misery.
Where there is no pain behind smiles.
Where there is no tear behind the masked face.
Where , if I die, I'm not guilty of not being able to help out my fellow beings.

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