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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unshed tears....... Just one dance

She left the room leaving him bewildered. For a moment he thought he saw unshed tears in her eyes. But what could have gone wrong.
Maria could only tell him that Mawra spoke to someone as the phone rang. He saw the call log and dialed back. Helen was expectedly in a complaining mood but he could not ask her what type of conversation they both had a while ago.

He had to come to a conclusion all by himself, he thought while having breakfast half heartedly. His day had begun but with a hard feeling.

Sometimes we move ahead considering our situation to be the only hard hitted fact. At others we find only our heart broken. What we tend to ignore is the fact that the other person might also be correct in justifying things. Or may be they are still able to relate to us and feel our pain.

Mawra moved upstairs hurriedly not even looking back not even accepting the fact that seeing her in such a state had already ruined Daniel's day.

He was still thinking about her standing in the corridor of his workplace which was a smoking zone and they had to be here if they need to smoke. It was his third one. And similar was the number of his black coffee.
He kept wondering what could have gone wrong between the two of them. He picked up his cell phone to speak to her for the tenth time but he could not. Sometimes its better to give time and space to settle things down.

Mawra was very dear to her and she was his guest now. And she was such a lovely person. He could not see her being hurt. He ran a hand through his hair. This state of mind would not lead him.anywhere. He turned off his laptop and called home. It was weekend and he had to give his guests sometime. He should take them our for sight seeing.

He called bibijan and they begin planning for an evening out.

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