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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yearning .... Just One Dance

Her nights were lonelier now, more than ever, since this very morning when she found out some more about his intimate life.

Though it should not have been her concern nonetheless she was concerned about him. By days, hours, minutes and seconds. It was growing deeper,unknowingly and unintentionally.

It was a lovely summer morning when after early morning in-lawn walk, she entered this small cottage, which was home to her beloved. She was in a specially exciting mood today and she had a plan to do some cooking for him.

In the kitchen Maria Jose was already on her heels. Moving and clattering and banging. Mawra smiled. "Seems Maria is already on her way to cook breakfast" , she thought.
"Beunas mananas", Mawra wished her good morning

Maria smiled at her speaking Spanish and replied with much zeal.

"whats up madam? What are you cooking? "

"Making breakfast for Dan"

"oh, what does he prefer for a breakfast?" Maria was one source for her to know him deeper

" He prefers it English way, egg, toast and tea."

"No desi breakfast like Parathas?" she asked again

"I never saw him eating that"

"I was planning to make desi nashta for him" smilingly she shared her secret with maria

"oh child, you should better ask him first. I am not sure he would eat parata in breakfast."

"No problem, Ill do that" Mawra replied calmly while making herself  green tea.

She was sipping the hot tea when the phone began ringing. Maria asked her if she could reply to it.

Mawra was hesitant while picking it up, she wasn't fluent in Spanish.

At the other end there was a shrill female voice, all she could understand was , she was asking for Daniyaal.

She politely replied in English that he wasn't around yet, most probably sleeping.

"Who are you?" the shrill voice sounded a bit more sharp.

"I am Mawra Suhail, why?"

"Daniel's cousin's little girl?" she inquired

"Daniel's cousin's daughter, yes", promptly she corrected her, feeling offensive though.

"Alright, just tell him to get back to me, I am finding his cell phone off"

"May I know who is this?" Though Mawra knew who she was supposed to be speaking so authoritatively of Daniel Malik, still she asked

"Helen" and with that she went off.

Mawra was already feeling very down when she put down the cordless phone on the center table. She was midway between the table and the kitchen when she stopped. With the tea mug still in her hand, her mind was stuck to one point. Something wasn't correct and it took her a few minutes to calculate what her mind was signaling to. Turning around , she took a few hurried steps to pick up the phone again, searching through the call log, it did not take much time to find the number. She went back to the call log of her cell phone and there it was, the same number, almost two months back, she received an early morning call from it.

Her hands began to shook, her legs  went weak. It was Helen's home number and Daniel used the number to contact her asking about her father the other day. How could she forget that husky voice which tingled her nerve endings all through the skin. The very first time when she discovere a half awakened man's husky voice could be so attractive, and how it arose her every pore.

The dilemma was the point which was unnerving her now was more intense than the memory of that voice. It was the imagination of Daniel being in Halen's home spending the night. And most probably he was calling  from her bed. Her throat constricted and her breath ragged. For a moment she felt her heart stop beating.

And the more severely painful blow was imagining the all so beautiful and sexy Helen Martinez in her sexy lingerie and what about her being all without clothes? There was an unseen tear that slid down her cheek while she attempted to control her tattered breaths.

She was shaking so badly that when suddenly he heard Daniel coming down the stairs towards the kitchen for breakfast, She could not fathom her own status. The only reflex was to run away and hide somewhere out of reach of this handsomely tormenting man.

"Beunas mananas amiga", he was all smiles like always

"Good morning: she could barely whisper in response.

"So ill have a lovely company with me at breakfast today huh?" His charms were eternal and his smile killing.

"I am sorry but I really don't feel like eating at the moment, and if you please excuse me?"

 With that she ran upstairs to the room she was staying in, weeping all the way. The blow to her heart was more than she could bear. She was madly attracted to the man who was not hers and will never be. And who was so intimately involved with this other woman. The most elegant one she had ever come across.

She never knew love could be so madly, insanely, wildly, foolishly and extremely painful.

Yet her heart was still yearning for the man she was hating this moment.

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