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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Divine Decision

A year has magic
A whole year
its decisive
it changes paths
it drives or drains
it moves or stands

A person dies and we feel the pain, the memories don't remain fresh as they used to be, the pain diminishes too and as one whole year skips, the intensity tones down. Then we remember but not with pain, with smiles and sadness together. Then we remember but oh so occasionally. Then we remember, but so rarely.
So I am waiting for the year to end.

A one whole year spent without your presence.
(But then I am lying here, when was it that your presence wasn't felt?)
without seeing or hearing, without knowing life's little or bigger changes.
And if this year's end brings a change, if I remember but with less pain, if I remember oh so occasionally, if I remember very rarely, and in the end if the intensity mellow down, I will come to know its over.

But there is always another side to the mirror.

If it all stays the same, the feelings, the presence, remembrance and memories, and above all the intensity that was felt initially, if this intensity survives, then the decision will be made.
The decision that some feelings are infinite. Some links are forever. Some intensities never diminish.

And then I will come to tell you all this.

And then I will come to know, this was a divine decision.


  1. It says the link for 'I do not ask for more' doesnt exist! Read it from my homepage itself. Beautiful lines. I know they come from within the sadness of your heart. But nevertheless, they are beautiful.

  2. Thanks. That link is to be shared later on,it needs some alterations.
    A tender heart can relate to what I wrote above. Thank you for understanding and appreciating.