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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Such frenzy it was

These last few months were so hectic, I feared at times that they would never end

I was disconnected from my own self and running aimlessly towards just one aim, to get my thesis and exam done.

And that also passed, that phase of utter stress. This year made me fragile and weak and attacked my immune system, it made me fall sick far more times than I used to be in previous years, It made me weep and break down also. There were times when I was not happy even at the happiest moments and some big achievements did not bring me any satisfaction

Life is strange, it plays strange games. There were times when I thought I would enjoy life after getting over with exam. But astonishingly it has left a bad taste in mouth and left me with this numbness that I feel in my nerves and my feelings, A lock over my words and a barricade over the flow of my thoughts.

And I feel nothing

Not even pain

And all I am left with

this numbness I never knew.


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