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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dancing..... Just one dance

She began dancing on a serious note.

Wearing a long , flowing ankle length red dress with black churidaar pajama, her long hair gathered in a french braid, moving in flow with the rhythm of her body. It was an Indian semi classic ghazal with sitar and tabla in the background, being played for her to perform.

Her feet were lighter than air, her body was flexible beyond words, her arms swayed with waves of music, her neck being more provocative, her eyes moved as a professional, her expressions heartfelt.

There was no sound but music, there was not even a whisper among the crowd, they were intently watching her every move, succumbing to the ambiance created by her beautiful proceedings., they were undoubtedly mesmerized.

She looked unexpectedly stunning, even to those who used to meet her every day. As if this natural flow of dance was in born to her, as if she was expressing herself through this medium.

They woke up when the song ended. And then there was a sudden burst of astonishing comments , loud clapping and rounds of applause.

Mawra Suhail has stunned them all.

Her best friend Sila's elder sister was getting married. Sila  invited all her friends and cousins to her home almost two weeks before the wedding day.  There gonna be full blown mehndi and mayun functions where all the girls were to perform dances . All the girls except Mawra.

Since it was an all girls gathering, Mawra had taken off her headscarf. Sila did not ask her to join them in dancing, since she was quite religious. She had already assumed that a girl who does not uncover her head infront of non mehrams, would surely not dance in public. They were deciding songs and practicing steps when at one point, Mawra suggested them to replace a dance move with another. She even performed the dance move which was quite suitable to the music. Sila was extremely surprised to see Mawra dancing so well.

Mawra was all smiles and mischeivous, telling her this was her secret talent that not many people knew. And on public demand she performed on a semiclassic ghazal with sitar and tabla in the backdrop, which stunned everyone. She was a pro.

They asked her to perform in one of the functions, she politely denied.

"If only dancing was not prohibited in my religion." She replied smilingly.

Dancing was Mawra Suhail's secret passion.

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