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Sunday, July 14, 2013


And it does not happen everyday.

It happens in many years, and at times it happens once in a lifetime.

When we come across Someone, we could not happen to have known in our life otherwise, not by any means.
And then one by one, slowly and unintentionally the paths begin to cross.

We may ignore once, may be twice but then when it happens frequently, we have to sit back and think , it was meant to be this way.

We eventually have to give in, stop resistance, surrender.

That's the only way it has to be.

And then at one point in time, we may realize, we have found what we were looking for.

The search finished, the destiny accomplished.

We are done with.

That is how it feels, but it doe not happen ever day.

may be in years, may be just once in a lifetime!

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