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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Trio..... Just one dance.

The trio gathered for a session of combined group study.

Their semester finals were getting closer and so they decided to gather at Mawra's place. Among the three , Sila was an old friend to Mawra however Saba had met them in university, though she was a new friend but they were going smooth being friends.

In Mawra's bedroom there were books and note books, piles of papers and three laptops, and they all were busy, less in studies, more in gossiping.

"You look so different without a headscarf Mawra", said Saba, she was seeing her hair for the very first time.

"Different? Do I look good or bad, different is a controversial word Madam" She replied smilingly

"Good" Saba answered with a single word.

"Oh and I thought I look good with a head scarf" making a sad face, said Mawra.

"You look good with a headscarf, You are beautiful without it, I just love, love , love your hair!"

"Oh you are trying to make me blush with embarrassment, but I shall not as I already know this fact." she winked.

Their mutual laughter was natural.

"oh oh , whoever it is who told you, you are beautiful? " Sila added

"Am I suppose to tell you all my secrets? " Mawra replied teasingly.

"Surely, what are friends for?" Saba and Sila said simultaneously, and then there was another round of laughter.

The sitting went on, they had their evening tea and snacks in the same room while planning to organize more such combined study programmes. It was when Mawra got up to offer Asr prayers and they both did not, She asked Saba and Sila to offer Salah too.

"I think ill get up for maghrib prayers, don't worry" , Saba said smilingly but Mawra could not stop herself from commenting. "A namaz missed is missed, time will not return my dear friend."

"Not everyone can be as religious as You Mawra" , though Sila was her oldest friend, but they differed in this aspect.

"Trust me, its not difficult, once you start practicing" , she said softly and went to make ablution.

When mawra returned, they both were watching another friends pictures on facebook and the non stop commentary was going on.

Mawra joined in smilingly.

"Who's that hunk?" She asked when a she saw one of the pictures.

"handsome, no?" Sila asked

"He is OK, not handsome", Mawra said

"Goodness, I thought he is at the peak of handsomeness!! " Saba exclaimed.

"Then you haven't seen many handsome guys in you life" sticking out her tongue, Mawra teased her.

"Ok, so let me see you definition of a handsome guy." Saba was being serious.

"I know I know who you are talking about Mawra", Saba was smiling and referencing to a previous incident.

Mawra quietly smiled and was looking for a particular picture folder.

And then she found it. It was one of the most memorable evening in her life, when her family went to Do Darya, at that beautiful beach side restaurant, with Daniel Malik.
It was his last day of stay in Karachi and in morning he had to flew back to Madrid.
She was angry with him at certain matter and he was standing beside her near that railing looking down at the sea waves.they were still speaking when Imad asked them both to look back and clicked a picture.

"Oh my God, Who are you with Mawra?", Saba exclaimed.

"My dad's cousin."

"Wow, is he single and  available?" She asked wickedly

"Single yes, available not sure" She smiled.

"He is gorgeous"

"See I told you You haven't seen many handsome men yet"

"He doesn't seem to look Pakstani."

"He s mixed breed, a Pakstani dad, and a Spanish mom."

"Just check out if he is available, You too look great together Mawra" Sila concluded on a serious note.

Mawra could not reply. She smiled but there was a sadness in her eyes, no one could fathom.

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