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Friday, August 28, 2015

Of pains and bearings

In the middle of a restless night sometimes its a piercing physical pain that wakes you up
when you are helpless lying in bed not knowing how to reach for your medicine.
when it seems you can not even dare to turn to another side as it may worsen the pain.
when even if someone is sleeping next to you, you don't want to wake them up and ask for help.
that's the moment of revelation that there is just one divine force who is there for you, giving you the energy to move, fetch your medicine, relieve you of pain.

That is when we realize it was Him who gives us pain in the first place, to flinch, to weep, to bear. This bearing makes us stronger, this weeping makes us go on and smile again.
A night is one of the most beautiful gifts granted to us, for it makes us closer to the ones we love. Be it the worldly relations or the supreme connection.

So in pain tonight, I found Him,
And in pain tonight, I found the courage to move on.

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