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Thursday, August 27, 2015


I do not ask for things in return.
I never do.
May be I am too egoistic for that matter.

But then things, favors, blessings, relation, love, kindness and people come to me naturally when they are meant to.

Just like one day you came to me. Or may be more than once?
out of nowhere, as if it was a new music that my ears never heard of.
A new book that I never had an idea about.
A new painting that was hidden somewhere in a museum.
A new star that began to shine on my horizon.
A new color that I never wore before.
A new shade that I painted my lips with.

As if my heart was beating since ever but it changed its rhythm the day I found you.
A new rhythm.

And whenever I look back and try to figure out what it may have been, I fail to understand.

The only thing that I realize is, its a once-in-a lifetime thing.

It may not remain forever, but it will not happen again.

And it does not happen to people every day.

And it does not happen to people even once.

Though I do not ask for anything in return.

But sometimes I want to ask you to return, everything I ever felt, to return back, the time, the feelings, the pleasure and pain, the smiles and tears, the sharing and blessings, every single thing.

So that I can go back in time, place them where they were and find my old self again.

The old self who never knew you in the first place.

Because this once in-a-lifetime thing does not only bring pleasure. It also brings pain.

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