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No its not writer's block Its something else Just wondering why am I not writing much these days!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The gloomy autumn

Some yellow some orange
Some wild shades of green
One by one , through the wind
These fallen leaves wander
The times may be different
The path remains the same
In this autumnal ambience
Your feet, once crossed this way
I didn't then but I do know now
As I still remember watching
Glimpse of this gloomy season
Reflecting In your eyes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

لفظ کا رشتہ

لفظ سے بڑا رشتہ اور  کیا ہوگا
پلٹ کر سوچوں تو 
یاد آتا ہے اب 
کیوں تم نے 
ہر لفظ سے منہ موڑ لیا تھا 
لفظ ہوتے تو ربط ہوتا 
تمہارے اور میرے درمیان 
جذبوں کا کوئی تسلسل ہوتا 
اور اب اک خلش کے سوا 
ہم میں کوئی ربط ہی نہیں 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mana keh hum yaar nahin


پھول جو بند ہیں پنوں میں تم   اس کو دھول بنا دینا 
 بات چھرے   جو میری کہیں تم اس کو بھول بتا دینا 

لیکن وہ بھول بھی  ہو ایسی جس سے  بیزار نہیں 
تو جو سوے تو میری طرح اک پل کو بھی قرار  نہیں 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Just one dance- The missing link

"So quiet?" , as if she could hear him whispering.
The night was exceptionally quiet at this beach side restaurant, although there were many families around.There was no moon, just a few twinkling stars here and there in the sky.The waves of the summer sea were surging higher, coming and pushing against the rocky boundary underlying this famous beach restaurant. There wasn't much brightness, just enough light to recognize people nearby, and Maawra was happy as it matched perfectly to her gloomy mood.
And even though she was alone standing by the wooden railing , looking over the vast expense of sea, she knew sub consciously that he was somewhere there, somewhere near her, hovering over her presence with his exceptionally tall stature,looking and observing, as if knowing exactly whats going inside her mind.
"So quiet?" , She could hear him again.
Probably she wasn't imagining him , probably he was really there, next to her.
She turned to her right and caught him observing her.
"The beach makes me quiet." She said in a tone that was strange even to herself.
"Or is it something else you don't want to share?" His voice was so smooth, for an instant she felt like opening up and tell him the whole messy thing.
"It isn't the bubbly giggly Maawra, whom I knew as my little friend". He said smilingly.
"your friend? " She added rather sarcastically.
"of course, my dear friend. I am sorry for leaving abruptly the other night Maawra, I have a feeling it bothered You."
"Why asking then, if you already knew the reason." she said sharply.
"That call was important", patiently he replied.
"And that coffee wasn't?". She asked accusingly.
"It was the most amazing coffee I ever had" he smiled as he winked at her. Maawra could not stop herself from smiling
"What an exaggeration!" she complained with a lighter tone this time.
"It isn't".he denied.
 She couldn't say much. A silent conversation was prevailing. Only the winds and waves were speaking. 
"Its a serene place, I'm glad your dad brought me here tonight, and I enjoyed the food too, some good memories ill take with me as I'm flying back tomorrow." he informed.
"so soon? ".Failing to hide her disappointment, she said.
"I am done with my assignment here and my office in Madrid is waiting for me, my dear. " 
"So I'm never going to see you again, is it? " she voiced her fear.
"Why not? You know where and how to reach me. And I shall be happy to receive You and Your family in Spain next summer for a visit that your dad has just agreed to." 
"Really?" She exclaimed happily. "Where was I when the plan was being finalized? "
"Standing here aloof , thinking of me." teasingly he said.
She could not stop laughing.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Of coffee and strangers

Even though We know
A mug of steaming coffee
Past midnight 
Would cost one nights sleep
Yet the desire of having it
Supersedes all resistance
Not so unfamiliar 
Is the feeling of being
with a perfect stranger 
Knowing it may cost us
Sleep, concentration, smiles
Contentment and delight
Yet one submits to this fancy
To seek the unknown 

Sunday, September 3, 2017


The world may be temporary
The pains are naught
When in the rotation of
Day after the night
Sun following the moon
Rivers into the ocean
Tears following smiles
We mistakenly assume
They have abandoned us
The rotation moves about
Night after the day
Moon following the sun
Ocean into the rivers
Smiles following tears
When they turn around
Captivates once again
Bringing on the aches
With more fierce impact
No they don't leave us
The pain merely - hibernates
It exists eternally
It endures in the rotations
It never goes away-